Eastham Builder

Philbrook Construction Services Group is proud to serve Eastham as a premier Cape Cod custom builder. Eastham’s distinctive mix of contemporary homes nestled among the windswept dunes and in-town historic and more modern homes is part of what makes this town so unique, so very much its own. As a custom home builder in Eastham for more than four decades, we understand the intricacies of working with the town’s various zoning boards. It is this understanding that allows us to build homes that meet our clients’ needs yet are also respectful of the town’s history and fragile environment.

Since 1981, Philbrook Construction has been a leader among Cape Cod’s custom, full-service builders. Throughout our four decades of experience, we’ve completed countless home construction and renovation projects, but also maintained strong relationships with trusted Cape Cod contractors. We’ve spent years familiarizing ourselves with the Cape’s often-complicated building and zoning regulations, so no matter the scope of your Eastham building project, it’s in good hands. When you choose Philbrook, you know you’re working with a team of expert, professional home builders.

With a real estate market that forever seems to have more demand than it does supply, many families are opting to make renovations to their homes on Cape Cod rather than move. A whole-house renovation or building a house addition can completely transform any home. At Philbrook Construction, we take on each Cape Cod renovation project with expert care and consideration. We handle the full spectrum of home renovations, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, converting garages or basements into brand new living spaces, and exterior renovations that will take your Cape Cod summers to the next level. 

You may be looking to build a brand-new home on Cape Cod. The streets of Eastham are dotted with historic homes, and with their preservation a requirement, building a new home is likely to require some additional review. As a custom home builder, Philbrook Construction is equipped to oversee the entire process of new home construction, from the planning phase to a beautiful finished product. The complexities of permits, licensing, inspections, and design can be challenging; we specialize in managing and streamlining those processes, so you can focus on the vision you have for your new Cape Cod home.

Are you ready make your Cape Cod home design dreams come true? So are we. Reach out to Philbrook Construction today for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to working with you!